It’s not called “The Beautiful Game” for nothing. Admittedly, the nickname was coined in the 1950s for the Brazilian football league, and as a means to describe the skill and fluidity of soccer great Pelé. Nevertheless, it has been adopted by football all over the world and it’s not difficult to understand why.

Watch the choreography of players as they smoothly pass a ball to one another across a field and in the face of their opposition teams. Watch the dives and leaps they do onto the turf and in the air in the name of attaining a goal, to say nothing of the kicks and swoops of the ball. It’s a game with clear and defined logical rules of combat and achievement, and during peak season, it becomes a culture all of its own.

Premier League Football gives you access to such a fantastic mix of sporting exhilaration and the beauty of dance that you need very little else to keep you entertained through the season. And the chance to stake your money on your own predictions for matches simply adds to the thrill of the game. In so many ways, betting on Premier League soccer is an adjunct to the beautiful game, and it’s a practice that is almost a sport in itself.

While Premier League football is as well established a team sport you can imagine, rest assured, we have all the expertise, enthusiasm and in-house behind the scenes gossip that will keep your bets informed and winning.