Premier League Fever At Its Hottest

The current Premier League is scheduled to end on May 21, 2017, and it’s a leaner, but not necessarily meaner reflection of the league than it has been almost since its establishment 25 years ago. For one thing, the name of any sponsor has been removed from any association with the Premier League – often a sponsor will take benefit from how the league goes. The Premier League stands its own ground and has enjoyed a rebranding initiative and a new logo has been created for the purpose. It has a cleaned-up name and a new face.

Who’s Playing and Who Isn’t?

Twenty excellent teams are participating in this year’s league. Which, as tradition has it, will comprise the 17 top teams from last year’s season and three teams which have been p10258157864_485037a1fe_bromoted through the championship, which is part of the hierarchy of football in the league.

The three promoted clubs for the 2016-7 league are Burnley, who returns to the league after one year’s absence; Middlesbrough, who won the league in 2004, but have been out of it for the past seven years; and Hull City, who also have been off the league for just a year.

Where’s The Action?

From Bournemouth to Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester to Liverpool and London to Swansea, the league is played at a range of locations and stadia all over England, and the season’s statistics, so far are seeing Chelsea’s Diego Costa and Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez in the lead, having achieved 11 goals each, so far.

Time to Hedge Your Bets!

Who will take this season’s Premier League? Who are your favourite’s favourites? Your input in the league and its heroes and anti-heroes freshens up the beautiful game and adds a very fine dimension to the complex and sophisticated art of professional football. Take your bets tomorrow!

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