Premier League Football’s Heroes

Heroes were made and dreams were broken time and again. Certainly since 1992, when Premier League Football was first established. Who could forget that Alan Shearer scored a total of 260 goals for the teams he was associated with, including Newcastle United, Blackburn Rovers, and Southampton respectively. What about Ryan Giggs, originally from Wales, who made a total of 632 Premier League appearances over the years, for Manchester United? Indeed, Manchester United dominates the 25 years of Premier League history, having won a whopping 12 seasons.

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But what about the so-called ‘cult’ heroes of professional football? These are young men who have stood out over the years, not only for their talent in the beautiful game, but because of their tenacity too, and their ability to rise beyond sometimes terrible financial or personal circumstances.

Five of the Best, from Nigeria to Croatia, Scotland to France

  • Think of Ade Akinbiyi, formerly from Nigeria, who played the position of forward and was referred to as the most clinical striker of his generation.
  • Or Eduardo Alves da Silva, commonly known simply as Eduardo, who is a Brazilian-born Croatian footballer who is considered an asset in any forward position and has been the secret ingredient in many a victorious match.
  • And then, there’s the incomparable Vinnie Jones, who excelled as a midfielder in the 1980s and 1990s but may be better known these days as an actor.
  • Duncan Ferguson was nicknamed Duncan Disorderly. He has scored more goals than any other Scottish player in the FA Premier League.
  • And not to forget Eric Cantona, the top hero in sports journalist Harry Burford’s books. Also an actor these days, Cantona played for six French teams before moving to Leeds United and then Manchester United. He won no less than four Premier League titles in a period of five years, before calling it quits.

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