Props and Futures in Premier League Football

Taking bets in Premier League football is an aspect of the sport which has fitted comfortably in the culture of the sport since football started being played. And while baseball is the game that takes the historical kudos for having been the first game on which a complicated system of betting is premised, football bets are by far, the world over, well respected.

Betting for Befootball-2ginners

But if you’re a gambler who has never yet bet in the sports field, you too are in luck: on this website, we explain how to place bets, what they mean, and how to pick the winner, every time. Ever heard of futures and props? Like odds and probabilities, these are pieces of betting jargon you need to understand well.

What Are Futures?

Betting on futures basically means that you’re putting your money on the name of the team you think will win a tournament or a match. Rely on your knowledge, gut instinct, or pure luck. Either way, if the men in the black win, and you’ve bet that they will win, you win too. Easy as pie.

What Are Props?

A proposition bet or a props bet takes the idea of sports betting from a different perspective. Think about it: a football match has eleven players on each side. Each of them, with as prestigious a league as the premiership, comes with their own histories of professional conduct and red and yellow cards, and with their own personalities. So many things might happen when you put all these men together on a football field.

Making Betting Richer

So props bets are about the occurrence (or non-occurrence) of an event in the game that doesn’t ultimately affect how the game will turn out. For instance, which team will score first? Or who will be considered the man of the match? Or who will get the first yellow card of the day? The possibilities are endless, making the whole idea of betting on the game that much richer.

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