Referees and Their Rule of Thumb

Arguably, the referee for a football match or series of matches is the man of the moment all the time. It is his opinion if something is in dispute and he’s like the policeman and the judge of the game, ensuring that everything is played according to the rules. Safety is also a concern of the referee. If he feels that something has been handled too roughly, he has the power to stop the game.

What Kind massimo_busacca_referee_switzerland_10of a Man Does the ref Have to Be?

Basically, a good referee is a man with exceptional knowledge of the game, and a great sense of authority and fairness. He doesn’t have to be taller or bigger than the players, but he needs to convey a sense of his own presence: the men on both sides of the team need to understand and respect his authority.

How Fit Is the Ref?

He is also not a chap who’s shouting from the sidelines: he needs to be fit and focused and he needs to be as much a part of a game as any of the players, and he’s appointed by the overall authority of the game. In the case of something like the Premier League, there are several types of referees appointed on a number of different levels.

Yellow Cards and Red Ones

A referee has the power to show a player what is known as a yellow card, which is a warning and a red card, which is an unequivocal instruction to leave the match immediately. A yellow card is shown if a player commits certain levels of foul play or disregards the game’s rules for the first time. In the event of outright violent behaviour or a repeated breaking of football rules, the ref can send a player home. No questions asked.

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