August 9, 2022

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Jeff Sica Reacts to Elon Musk Not Joining Twitter’s Board

Trader Jeff Sica remarked on Monday that Elon Musk is possibly likely to get Twitter to “conform” or will “burn it to the ground.”

This arrives as Musk has determined not to be a part of Twitter’s board of administrators right after all immediately after turning out to be the social media company’s biggest shareholder.

Showing on Fox Business enterprise with Stuart Varney, Sica, the head of Circle Squared Alternate Investments, mentioned:

To say I’m not the biggest Twitter supporter in the world is probably a understatement. I truly pray every day for Twitter to go out of business. That was right until Elon Musk acquired his almost 10 p.c share. Then I started to have this amount of hope possibly he would turn Twitter a beacon of no cost speech.

This, the events over the weekend, it was a total-time job this weekend following Elon Musk’s tweets and what I have come to the conclusion of is there is likely to be two situations that are going to unfold right here. Either Elon Musk figuratively is going burn Twitter to the ground or he’s likely to flip this sinking ship.

So what I believe he is going to do is he is going to continue to complain. He is going to continue to speak his peace and try to get them to conform. If not, he’s going to go war against them and what that war is going to involve is holding his share posture above their heads and he can bring this stock down if he chooses to.

Watch previously mentioned, through Fox Business enterprise.

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